RFX Arduino-compat. nRF24L01+ Shield w/ Prototyping area (Kit)

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RFX Arduino-compat. shield w/ nRF24L01+ module headers and prototyping area

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Product Description

RFX nRF24L01+ Proto Shield. This nRF24L01+ shield with prototyping area is a neat and convenient way to add a nRF24L01+ module to an Arduino/X:duino project, saving on the point-to-point wiring.

Shield has two 8 pin (4×2) headers for plugging in a nRF24L01+ module, one header providing connection to the hardware SPI pins D11-D13, and the other to an alternative set of pins, D4-D6, for a software SPI (“bit banging”) implementation if preferred. IRQ pin is set at D2, CE is D3 and CSN is D7.

Also has provision for a 3×2 connection header to the ICSP hardware SPI pins, which is required if accessing hardware SPI for Mega, Leonardo, Due. (There is provision for disconnecting the D11-D13 pins from the hardware SPI header in this case, if needed.)

Three power supply configurations are available via a jumper setting (or soldered link, if preferred). If using the 3v3 voltage regulator, power can be sourced from either 5V or VIN pins, or if the dev board can provide a sufficient supply on the 3v3 pin, the shield voltage regulator can be dispensed with entirely.

It supports the standard Arduino shield header layout, as well as a second breadboard compatible (i.e., proper 0.1″ pitch grid-aligned) header layout, so you can also easily connect the nRF24L01+ shield to common 50mm (or wider) proto board.

So lots of flexibility and configuration options with this shield! Combined with the generous prototyping area, this can make deploying of nRF24L01+ enabled projects faster and neater.

Shown in photos as populated shield, bare board, and installed on various dev boards: Arduino Uno, Mega2560, Leonardo, Due, and the PJRC Teensy 3.0.

Kit documentation (pdf):

RFX nRF24L01+ shield kit assembly instructions


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