RFXduino Demo Projects

In this section of the documentation we will be presenting, and describing in detail, complete, working projects, all with downloadable code.

I’ve been thinking about providing such a documentary resource in order to complement the short “example” sketches in the Docs section which are designed to show how a particular feature of the RFXduino system works (e.g., send an email , or using the advanced printf-style formatting features.)

In particular, I was thinking a project that featured a full web browser user interface would make a nice showcase for some of the possibilities of the RFXduino gateway system.

For many people, starting with a fully working project that is similar to, but not exactly what they were intending to do for their own project, is a more appealing prospect than being given the set of tools and having to figure out how everything is going to fit together from scratch.

So I was weighing candidate projects that I might use for this purpose. What sort of projects would be suitable, and would be of widest interest and general applicability?

Although there are many, many variations on a theme, an Arduino/X:duino project that covers a lot of bases is a simple one that

  • reads some data from one or more sensors
  • applies some control logic to the inputs
  • and sends a control signal to turn various things on or off
  • and does it all over again, repeatedly

Perhaps the simplest example that would cover a lot of ground would be a classic temperature control application, where the input is a temperature sensor, and the output is a relay of some description.

I already had a simple project on my “to do” list that is pretty close this – a roof ventilation fan controller. It uses two temperature inputs (one measures the temperature inside the roof, and the other is the ambient outside air temperature), and uses the difference between those temperatures as the input for its control logic. Its control output is the switching of a relay controlling power to the ventilation fans.

So the Automated Roof Ventilation Control System project gets the nod, and we will kick-off with that as our first demo project (screen-shot below).