New Raspberry Pi 2 tested with RFX gateway system

17 Feb

The new Raspberry Pi 2 (RPi2) has been tested to work OK with the RFX gateway daughterboard and RFX gateway software, although it wasn’t a straightforward proposition as it was for the recent Model B+. Indeed, although the Raspberry Pi 2 is promoted as fully backward compatible with the earlier Pi models, this turns out to be not entirely accurate.

The new processor is ARM7 rather than ARM6, and requires a different kernel to boot. So simply popping in an SD Card from a Model B or B+ isn’t going to work, for example. Further, there has been a change to the memory mapping of the peripheral IO addressing, which means that many programs need to be tweaked to make them compatible.

However, after some adjustments and much testing, we’re pleased to announce a SD Card image for the RFX gateway has been developed that will run on Model B, Model B+ and now Raspberry Pi 2. Note however that the testing has shown the performance of the RFX gateway is pretty much identical regardless of which model is chosen, so there is no pressing reason to upgrade to a Raspberry Pi 2 if it is to be used a dedicated RFX gateway server.

Indeed, given that the Raspbian ARM7 kernel is still in quite early release, inevitably there are a number of minor issues that are still to be fixed, and a model B or B+ running the ARM6 kernel would be the safer choice in terms of overall stability. So they would remain our first recommendation for running a dedicated RFX gateway server at this stage. The reasonable expectation is that the ARM7 kernel stability will soon catch up, however.

Also note that, as with the Model B+, the RFX gateway perspex case doesn’t fit the Raspberry Pi 2, so if you’ve got a Raspberry Pi 2 that you wish to use as an RFX gateway, the RFX Gateway BYO kit (basic) would be the suitable option (and you’d have to make your own arrangements for a suitable enclosure, if required.)

Given that a lot people purchase the basic gateway kit without the perspex case (it’s actually the most popular option), this is probably a non-issue to many people anyway.

But if you do want one of the RFX gateway options with the RFX case, then a Model B Raspberry Pi is still the one to go with. The Raspberry Pi Foundation have indicated they have no plans for discontinuing the Model B at this stage, and the Model B continues to be available from the various distributor outlets. It is also still available when purchasing the fully assembled RFX gateway option.

Please feel free to drop us a line if you have any comments or questions!

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