New IDE v1.6.3 branch added to update mighty-1284p repo

07 May

Just to announce we’ve just added a v1.6.3 branch to update the github mighty-1284p repo to work with the Arduino IDE versions 1.6.x.

This makes it simple to program the RFX “Skinny Bob” 1284p-based dev board and other Atmel ATmega1284p based boards using the new 1.6.x versions of the IDE.

It has also been tested with Arduino IDE 1.6.4 (which just came out today), and so far no problems found.

There are also Zip files that can be still be downloaded from the repo that are compatible with the earlier 1.0.x versions of the Arduino IDE.

Here’s some basic info taken from the branch

Mighty 1284P: An Arduino core for the ATmega1284P

What is it?

Everything you need to run Arduino on an ATmega1284P microcontroller.

This branch has been updated to work with the 1.6.x versions of the Arduino IDE. (Some files have needed some changes from the 1.0.6 version, and the files need to be installed into a different directory structure.)

If you are installing for the older 1.0.5 or 1.0.6 versions of the IDE, use those branches to download. If you are using the newer 1.6.x versions of the IDE, use this branch to download.

Revision history

06 May 2015 Mark Pendrith (aka pico–)
• v1.6.3 branch created for Arduino IDE 1.6.x support

29 Oct 2014 Jack Christensen
• The following changes are in a branch named v1.0.6. The v1.0.5 branch will remain the default for the time being, until the v1.0.6 branch can be tested further.
• With the release of Arduino 1.0.6, changes to the core files are no longer needed to support the ATmega1284P. Deleted the Mighty 1284P cores directory pointed all boards in the boards.txt file to the regular Arduino core.


1. Go to, click the Download ZIP button and save the ZIP file to a convenient location on your computer.
2. Ensure that the Arduino IDE is not running.
3. Go to your Arduino hardware folder.
4. Unzip the downloaded file into the hardware folder.
5. The download from GitHub will have a dash and branch name appended, so the folder will be named, e.g. mighty-1284p-v1.6.3. Rename the folder to just mighty-1284p.
6. The following folders and files should now exist:

◦ hardware\mighty-1284p\avr\bootloaders
◦ hardware\mighty-1284p\avr\libraries
◦ hardware\mighty-1284p\avr\patched-3rd-party-libs
◦ hardware\mighty-1284p\avr\variants
◦ hardware\mighty-1284p\avr\boards.txt
◦ hardware\mighty-1284p.gitignore
◦ hardware\mighty-1284p\

7. Move any mighty-1284p compatible 3rd party patched libs under [sketchfolder]\libraries as required. (Note: the mighty-1284p compatible “official” patched libs are already set-up to be used as default when using mighty-1284p by being in avr\libraries. If the wrong libs are being used, check to see that there aren’t old versions of the patched libs still under [sketchfolder]\libraries, as those would take precedence.)
8. Restart the Arduino IDE.
9. Select the desired board from the Tools > Board menu and enjoy those extra pins and all that extra memory!


• Works with Arduino 1.6.3. It may work on other versions as early as 1.5.x but these have not been tested. For earlier versions of the Arduino IDE, there is also a v1.0.6 branch, and a v1.0.5 branch for 1.0.x (possibly back to 1.0.1) support. Download and install from the appropriate branch as required for the version of IDE.


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