Demo projects! (New documentation section)

05 Mar

Now under the Demos tab, is a new documentation section set up for RFXduino demo projects, providing full project documentation, including sketch source code, schematics etc. for complete real world deployable RFX projects. The goal is to provide a resource so people can start with a complete working project that is similar to, but not exactly what they were intending to do for their own project, and adapt it accordingly.

The first demo project out the gate is the Automated Roof Ventilation Control System, to showcase how to create impressive and functional web GUI interfaces for your RFX enabled projects on even modest Arduino Uno-class hardware. The project also demonstrates server-based network data logging and graphics, as well as introducing the newly implemented RFX “virtual” RTC, which means every RFX sketch can now get RTC functionality without the need for any additional hardware!

How cool is that? ;-)

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